Saturday, December 13, 2014

Early Winter

Woke up to this slight frosting of snow the other morning. It was gone by noon. Seasons come and go here from my perch at Pink Gardens.

One of my Christmas cactus blooms in front of a ceramic beer stein, a bowling trophy of my Dad's from the year I was born. 

My angelwing begonia is going strong, 12 years old now. In the winter the flowers open to a pretty salmon pink as above. In the summer when it's outside it's almost dark red.

This purple tradescanthia is spending the winter rooting in water. Was surprised to see it blooming the other day in this northern-facing kitchen window.

The top of the Victrola today features Prince Albert in a can, a 1963 Falcon sports coupe, a photo of my grandmother as a child with her older sister and brother, and assorted other collectibles.

My geraniums are doing very well this winter in the attic. The plants are losing leaves and getting "leggy" stalks but they'll be fine. In the spring they're cut back and replanted in the containers around the property.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Clouds Above Me, Clouds Below Me

Fluffy white clouds reflected in the very still, and very cold, waters of our local pond in the center of town. Lots going on here, I'll try to update the blog more often when I can! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving—I'll be back with more photos before Christmas!