Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Tomorrow But I Don't Really See It!

Still winter temperatures around here, but no snow lately. Most of what we had is melting steadily. I'm really ready for Spring and puttering around outside!

 Backyard brook/swamp/creek is full and full of ice.

 Lonely tomato cage and deer netting awaiting the warmer seasons.

A red shamrock and a purple tradescanthia reach for the meager winter sun during a recent snowstorm.

 Morning Glory vines from past seasons tough it out.

These two struggling plants were given to me late last summer and they're both doing fine now.

The peace bench has a winter arrangement on it. I found half of a square paver and from most angles it looks like a pyramid. This is a calm place to sit.

A close-up of the paver and peace bench shows the industrial origins of the granite slab. You can see the scars of mining and drilling on it. 

View from above show the various items in this seasonal arrangement, all things found around the yard by digging.

Common late winter site: My sneakers and melting snow.

Plants like Foxgloves which don't lose their leaves, warm up faster than the bare ground around them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Colorized Photos Retinted and Refined

I recently went through my file of colorized photos and found this series. They're all photographs I shot in 1980 with my trusty Nikon film camera. They were taken at car shows, used car lots, and wherever I found cool cars. Originally colorized a few years ago, some of these images I had limited myself to just two colors. This time I refined all the images with countless shades and colors. I think they're going to be great to print out and then cut up and used in my future wooden pieces. Cut into squares they'll be great parts of some checkerboard paintings I'm working on. Reposting from my other blog: We can all use a dose of color right now!

Instrument panel of the 1959 Edsel. And this was toned-down from 1958!

Postwar Studebaker Starlight coupe.

Postwar Cadillac 75 Formal Sedan trunk logo.

The front fender of the postwar Caddy 75 Formal Sedan.

The front doorstep on the Cadillac 75.

Mid 1950s Mercedes Benz 300 SL trunk lid trim.

 Early Thirties Auburn hood ornament. This was a boattail speedster.

Step plate for a mid 1920s Buick.

Hood trim on a 1956 Ford.

1950 Ford coupe. 

 Very rare Hudson Italia coupe—red, white, green, and blue.

 1955-56 Packard senior interior. Note the pushbutton transmission quadrant on the dash.

 Early 1930s Packard windshield decal.

 1953-54 Studebaker hood with V8 trim piece Beautiful design!

Playing around I placed my Cadillac's loose chrome script on the grille of my Celica. Photo taken in '83.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Limited Palette: A Touch of Blue

Walking around on a recent 15°F day, I limited myself to a "touch of blue" in my photos. I like to give myself "rules" to follow sometimes as if a school assignment. I found it wasn't that difficult to find blue in the middle of winter.

A frozen stack of Levis in a frozen and icy pile of snow gave me plenty to work with. I shot more than 20 photos of just this incongruous pile of discarded jeans.

Plastic snowshovel and Pink Gardens' porch clapboards kept the palette to a minimum without white this time.

Twilight tints the snow cyan and the lonely blue garden globe in the upper right could be Earth from an icy comet or asteroid whizzing by. Stark and empty woods and the cold comfort of the setting winter sun give no warmth.

Back to the limited palette of the clapboards photo but this time the warmth of the spectrum comes from the Levi Strauss label on these jeans.
Snowshovel bisecting the now-frozen snow. Many of the snowpiles have a distinctly blue tint when you peer into them. They're so saturated with water they're tinted with bluish and greenish hues just the way some icebergs are.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wandering Around Inside Recently

Some of my antique dolls sitting around resting and picking out their next book they want read to them.

This begonia is normally dark red in the summer, but it changes to a pale pink during the winter.

Fake pearls but real silver is the thrifty New England way for a certain generation, lol.

Vintage games and a 19th century toy gun wait for patiently for children that will never come back.

My shamrocks, Oxalis, prefer living on the porch in the summer, but they're suffering through the winter in my kitchen fairly well.

Working  at the computer most of the time, this Matlock marathon was a great boon this past weekend. I could watch older TV series like this all the time. Above, Andy Griffith and Don Knotts sure had a long history of acting together. 

My stuffed "Pop-n-Fresh" sports a hand crocheted cap these days. He looks thrilled about it!

 Vintage stuffed rabbit on the other hand prefers equally vintage silk scarves.

This wicker sewing box dates to the early 1950s and was bought in Japan. The interior is bright red satin, stuffed to use as a pin cushion, and the box is full of period sewing items.

Antique Minnesota brand sewing maching is home to all sorts of collectibles these days. My art surrounds it on all the walls.

Corvette is apparently in the hands of Uncle Sam these days, lol. Needs dusting. Spring Cleaning is not that far away, but there's no way I'm going to open a window yet these days!

My three-violet garden is flowerless right now, but has grown to a full 18-inches in width. I'm sure as soon as the days grow longer giving them more light, they'll all burst into flowers.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vintage Ibelo Monopol Lighter

I've recently begun doing new scans of some of my cooler items. There are 14,587 I'd like to do first, lol. This is a vintage Ibelo lighter, engraved stainless steel from what I can tell, around 4-inches by 3-inches. The company is German, and I'm guessing my dad probably bought it in the late 1950s while we were stationed there. Love the art deco pattern! It just needs a small pin at the top to align the section that pivots, but I'm sure it's around here somewhere.