Friday, March 7, 2014

Limited Palette: A Touch of Blue

Walking around on a recent 15°F day, I limited myself to a "touch of blue" in my photos. I like to give myself "rules" to follow sometimes as if a school assignment. I found it wasn't that difficult to find blue in the middle of winter.

A frozen stack of Levis in a frozen and icy pile of snow gave me plenty to work with. I shot more than 20 photos of just this incongruous pile of discarded jeans.

Plastic snowshovel and Pink Gardens' porch clapboards kept the palette to a minimum without white this time.

Twilight tints the snow cyan and the lonely blue garden globe in the upper right could be Earth from an icy comet or asteroid whizzing by. Stark and empty woods and the cold comfort of the setting winter sun give no warmth.

Back to the limited palette of the clapboards photo but this time the warmth of the spectrum comes from the Levi Strauss label on these jeans.
Snowshovel bisecting the now-frozen snow. Many of the snowpiles have a distinctly blue tint when you peer into them. They're so saturated with water they're tinted with bluish and greenish hues just the way some icebergs are.

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