Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to spring 2013 and my Jack-in-the-Pulpits revealing themselves again, I would like to thank each and every one of you that clicks over to my little blog, casey/artandcolour, and joins in my adventure here. I give you my truly heartfelt thanks. And may I wish everyone a very peaceful, healthy and happy 2013.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from casey/artandcolour!

It's almost time to display Santa. This is thr life-sized Santa Claus my father made in 1960 or '61. He's plywood and the paint is still almost perfect. My father made things that lasted! This was a kit that my father built from plans in a magazine like Woodworking I believe. Santa spends the year in the attic and then stands outside on Christmas Day. This photo is from 2010. Last year I believe it stormed on Christmas so he stayed inside. The advantage of middle age, lol!

I hope everyone has a peaceful and healthy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Check Out My Pinterest Flower Board

Pink and white dahlia from 2010 or '11.

I've finally started to add "boards" to my Pinterest account. I've started one for my collectibles, my Photoshopped cars and now my flower photos. I'll be adding to them each as time permits. Pinterest has an easy-to-use interface for uploading, and the boards are neat and clean and easy-to-look through. I hope you check them out. The flower board link, here. I'll find a space for a permanent link on the right side of this blog.
  • The collectible Pinterest, here. Not yet much on this board.
  • The Pinterest board for my Photoshopped cars, here.
I always have blue morning glories in my gardens..

Peachy yellow and pink rose from town, 2011.

A riot of colors of annuals packed in Mary's truck en route to a summer party.

Yellow and white iris, 2012.

Deep purple iris, after an early summer's rain..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

1950s Santa: Did the Mesh Hold Candy?

Closeup shot of a little piece of a 1950s Christmas. This Santa is about 8-inches long and I think came chock full of gold foil-covered chocolate "coins."  He's a bit worse-for-the-wear, but has a certain charm in his face. I leave him hanging around the house all year long.

The background is one of my late mother's scarves. I'm pretty sure it dates to about 1965 and I've always loved the colors and patterns.

U P D A T E :

My friend, Bob A., on Facebook, mentioned that this Santa looks like the European Kris Kringle in ways. Now I'm thinking that it's indeed German. My family lived in Germany from '55-'60 so this could be from their time there. I love the collective knowledge of everyone!

B O N U S   P H O T O :

I used the same silk scarf a few years ago in this photo entitled, "Hurtling Parked" of my 1:18 scale model 1971 Buick Riviera.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

FashionColour: Early 1990s

I recently found this original drawing packed away in a closet. It's by Steven Stipelman, one of the wonderful illustrators at Women's Wear Daily when I worked there. If we didn't care for the photos of the fashions we were featuring that day in the newspaper, we could assign one of our illustrators to render them instead. They were consummate professionals and could "whip up" illustrations like this in just a few hours for that day's front page. Stephen gave this drawing to me when I left the company. It dates to the early '90s and was I believe, RTW, or for the Ready-to-Wear section that week.
  • For a bit more on Steven Stipelman, click here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red, Green and Blue. And Then Some.

 A recent sunny afternoon gave me a chance to capture some of the last color until next spring... These red berries were so striking against the blue sky and remaining green leaves. Red, green and blue, or RGB, is a way of capturing colors for video devices such as the monitor you're using right now. Once in a while you capture these three hues courtesy of Mother Nature.

"Colonial" lamp in a town shopping center parking lot is actually damaged from the last hurricane, the top of it is completely missing, but from this view, it looks just fine.

Just a glorious riot of colors and textures. I feel like the orange leaf most of the time.

This last image is missing the blue sky portions, but I loved the way the color of the burning bush (Euonymus alatus compactus) was tightly contained in the mainly neutral setting. The hints of greens and yellows accent the red nicely, and the graphic shadow of the boardwalk anchors it all. Yes, that's me on the lower right, sort of looking like a larger, stumpier railing post, lol.

B O N U S   P H O T O S  : )

Works-in-progress. Haven't touched these two in several months, but they've both been aging nicely. The piece above will get a layer of wall joint compound soon, as the image below has. These are both examples of my "cardboard quilts," and get a nice 3D shape as the three-layer cardboard sandwich bases I've created dry out and warp in subtly different directions. When these are hung on a wall, frameless as 99% of my art is, they stand proud of the wall as if trying to enter the room itself. Light plays on their faceted shapes, changing as the lighting in the room changes.