Sunday, June 19, 2011

Junecolour Inside: Quick Walkby Past the Stuff

Vintage "parfum" bottles atop the fridge, all from the late '70s through the early '90s. Starting with red cap in front of the tall blue vase, l-r; Christian LaCroix; Christian Dior, Poison; Gianni Versace; Helene Rochas, Mystere; L'Effleur (cologne); Yves Saint Laurent, Opium. All images clickable to enlarge.

Upstairs hallway inner wall. Vintage games date to the 1920s; desk 1930s; chair, 1890s; globe lamp, Victorian reproduction, 1940s.

Studio inner wall. "Afghan Man" has been in my family since the late 1960s; ribbon below him is from President Clinton's 1997 Inauguration.

Upstairs hallway inner wall; self portrait, platinum-glazed ceramic swan, and brass artillery vase.

Atop the late 18th century cherry secretary, three ceramic bird sculptures I won at the Guilford Fair in the mid 1960s.  Small paintings date to the mid 1950s, a German artist.

Upper hallway inner wall. Oil painting at top left dates to the very early 20th century. Silhouettes at right date to the 'Teens. Feather pens are from Sturbridge Village in the late 1960s. Sturbridge Village is a recreated historical town in Massachusetts.

Upper stairway walls with lotsa my art, finished and unfinished.

Late 18th century secretary and collectibles, including late 19th century piano musicstand, upper right.


  1. Thanks Casey for the late evening stroll through your apartment! Love the things and appreciate them even more after sorting through my parents estate and having an auction. So many things I would have liked to have kept, but we (hubby and I) move to much...can you even imagine having to pack up your things frequently and find knew homes for them wherever you went?? wow! Love the secretary (is that correct) in the last picture...beautiful..and all so interesting...
    Glad to know I"m not up wandering around alone tonight lol

  2. thanks. it took about 12 of my friends working for 2 weeks to pack up this stuff when I moved here. I'd have to sell most of it if I ever moved again. I wander around here at all hours!

  3. Have you ever seen glass being blown before? It is one of the most eye catching metamorphosing things around.

  4. I hate losing comments after I type them, lol.

    I have seen glassblowing. There's an art center near me that does everything by hand. Some of my older glass items were made that way. I wish we made more handmade items in this country, and not just luxury items.

  5. The days of craftsman and artisans are unfortunately over. Every time I pass the village cobbler I wonder whose left to replace him. Most of today's youth are more concerned about being wannabe software engineers.

  6. You're a better duster than I am, Casey!

  7. it's just that I don't take photos of the interior unless it's relatively dusted, lol.

  8. Replies
    1. I'm not exactly sure but I know it was given to my aunt and uncle in 1947 for a wedding present. I was told it was from Italy, and at one time had a blue glass topper, bulb-shaped, but that's gone missing through the years.