Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Birds and the Bees. And a Flamingo.

When is a Ham a Bird? Walking along the shore the other day, I noticed this seagull keeping pace with me, about 50 feet out in the Sound. If I stopped, he swam in circles until I started walking again, and then he'd swim in the direction I was walking. The zoom function on my camera isn't the greatest, but I was able to fairly decently capture this classic North American Herring Gull. Once I took his photo, he started paddling in the opposite direction, lol.

Pick your Prick, lol! Moving on from that classic seagull, an equally classic Bumble Bee is gathering nectar from one of my wild Thistles. I managed to avoid being stung by the bee and pricked by the thistle as I shot this photo. The thorns on this variety of thistle are on the stems, the leaves and pod beneath the flower, making them almost impossible to touch. Heart-shaped leaves of a morning glory vine, to the right, grow through the nylon deer netting attached to the chicken wire vegetable garden fence.

Ode to John Waters and Divine. Perhaps more Klassic than Classic, my ca. 1965 Pink Flamingo stands guard in front of my porch. Antique shovel heads behind it were found when digging in Pink Gardens' back yard, as was the horseshoe above them. Horseshoes should always be displayed standing up—to catch all the good luck!


  1. I think the bumble bee on the thistle is an unbelievable shot. Wow!

    I chuckled at your finding antique shovel heads in the backyard - you are your father's son when it comes to finding stuff. lol

  2. I'll take that as a very big compliment, thank you!
    : )

  3. there are plenty of twisted pricks out there, lol. I chill with the seagull anytime. :)

  4. Woody is funny, isn't he?

  5. Woody is a treasure and I'm so glad he reads my blog!