Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting Outside Again, Late March 2013

Above, a Mallard couple in the creek that borders Pink Gardens. The reflections in the water remind me of Op-Art from the 1960s.

I spent about four hours outside today starting to clean off the flowerbeds. I always cover them with fall leaves for the winter. I did a pretty good job on the initial raking on six beds. I have another six or so to go and then my two larger shade gardens. Afterward I walked around and shot some photos. I have been very inactive in the photography department lately!

The creek is quite full this spring. It tends to dry up in August for a month or two.

Almost Surreal landscape in the backyard.

I believe the red stems visible in the middle of this watery landscape are a form of long-ago-naturalized witch-hazel.

Birdhouse and late afternoon western sky.
Central in my main perennial garden is this decaying tree stump. It's very medieval looking this year after the heavy winter snows. I don't believe I can even put the blue glass garden globe out on this year. There is no place to secure it anymore. I might start looking at garage sales for a birdbath base to hold it. I think this stump looks like a little crazy castle. The chipmunks gather around it and so do the rabbits once it fills in mid-June or so.


  1. And then today it got freezing again. We aren't in the promised land -- yet. I'm looking forward to it, too. When I went out today, I just turned around and came back. Too windy!