Monday, November 18, 2013

Refinements and Updates Continue

"Buick Eight" has been refined with a photo collage and additional repetitive color work. The car image is the "bucktooth" grille of the 1950 Buick, a photo I shot in 1980 at a car show. The rest of the images were mostly shot by my father during the 1940s. If something is still hanging in my house, it's never really done.

"Grace of the Fallen" has evolved floral images and a counterpoint added to the right side. Additional pinstripes and gridwork will follow.

"Suddenly Last Season," has new layers of "needles" painted on it suggesting shadows, following in the series started by Nanny's Knitting Needles. Interestingly enough, the other morning this piece was covered in these striking early morning actual shadows.

"Out on a Limb," or "Up a Tree," I can never decide on the title of this piece, has had a layer of sepia-toned clearcoat removed—well, most of it. I left it in the low points of the textural layers. Its removal has restored some of the original brighter color paints and papers the sepia had dulled. "Dulling" was my intent at the time, but after looking at it for several years, I wanted to see the some of the original colors again. If anything, "brightening" this piece has "aged" it in an even more period-correct manner.


  1. Your work is so amazing Casey! I just love all of these but especially "Up a Tree". It says SO much! Suddenly last Season is just to a beautiful stage now. I know it is hard but I think it is so wonderful that you get to live an artist's life now. My beautiful husband is an artist at heart and has an artist's mentality, but to pay the mortgage he has to work a 9-5 job. He has such a great soul! I know you worked in the "salt mines" for many years, too. I hope down the road my Kevin will be able to have more freedom and espress his art more. xox

  2. These are really lovely -- as you can imagine, I'mpartial to the 'Buick Eight" particulary as the 50 Buick is one of my favorites -- the grill was so out there -- seemed pretty daring for GM at the time -- I'm just sorry it was toned down for subsequent years. Suddenly last season is beautiful as well and so evocative of the changing of the season. Wonderful work, as usual!

    Paul, NYC

  3. "If something is still hanging in my house, it's never really done". I guess your ideal house would have bare walls, lol