Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring's Rejuvenation Under Way!

This is a multi-petaled tulip. It's not a Parrot tulip but it's close. This was an afternoon sun, very strong, but within a half hour we had a quick thunderstorm and downpour. 

All three of the African violets I've planted together are blooming at the same time. I love the mix of colors. Combined, this planter is now more than 18-inches wide.

A loose arrangement of cut daffodils inside. The yellow variety in front has multiple petals and the barest suggestion of a "trumpet" in the center. The thinner ones in the back are more traditional but they're very tall and thin in the garden.

This Azalea in the yard is more than 8-feet tall. The pink ones are done now but the smaller dark red variety still has tight buds.

A grouping of Grape Hyacinths on my walk to town.

This little family of Canada geese hangs out by the small pond in town. There's a boardwalk at one end of it that's a shortcut to town for me. There are five little goslings.

This is a very nice perennial garden behind one of the town's historic house museums, the Deacon Grave's House. I'll take photos of this garden all summer. It's really one of the nicest ones in town.


  1. Ahhhh...the beauty of colorful flowers popping in spring! So lovely! We moved into our temporary rental house on March 5th this year and now colorful plants and flowers are popping out all over the yard! Each is a wonderful surprise and we never know what's going to open next! Right now there are red, pink and white azalias in bloom, tons of purple bearded iris and a small shrub with white blooms that I can't identify in the front yard. The landlord had a gardener come last week and clean up the overgrown yard and flower beds. We hung some wind chimes and a new bird feeder. It's quite lovely here and we have a nice view of the small lake down the hill. We have a great big front porch with 2 Amish chairs for sitting and watching the world go by, but we can usually be found on the fully screened in porch in back, off the kitchen, with the water view and big yard with old trees and flowers. It will be hard to leave here when our year is up!