Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cloudy Day, Bright Flowers

Pretty salmon-colored Geranium is going on ten or eleven years old. I cut them back every fall and winter them over in the attic.

Bright squash flowers are hopefully the beginning of lots of yellow squash, one of my favorite summer vegetables.

Bright magenta Rose Campion is also known as a Pink Mullein. They have grayish aqua stems and leaves and these date back to my mom's and my grandmother's gardens.

A wildflower, or weed, as many call them, this wild tradescanthia or Day Flower has lovely blue blooms. They're tiny, but as I've found so many times, take time to smell the roses and take time to look WAY down at the smallest of plants. They often have beautiful surprises for you.

Two more of my "ancient" Geraniums. I've wintered over white, bright red, bright pink, and salmon colored varieties.

A digital glitch when shooting these perennial Spiderworts or Tradescanthias caused the image to almost look 3D lifting the pale bluish-lavender flowers right off the page.

"Mountain Fresh" variety of tomatoes in my garden is new this year. These tomatoes are getting bigger each day. I've never heard of the variety but am looking forward to trying them. I bought four plants this year, this one, a red cherry variety, and two Romas, but I have about a dozen volunteers coming up that are probably heirlooms of some sort from last year.

 The first "rail" of cherry tomatoes is coming along nicely!

I've got about a dozen little groups of Dill coming up. I not only use dill leaves in cooking and salads, but I love to grate the dill seeds as well. They taste completely different so it's like growing two plants in one. 

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