Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mega SpringColour Post, Early May 2011

 A clump of grass, an island in a spring swamp. The zoom lens and rippled water created an almost Impressionist painting feel to this digital image. All photos clickable to enlarge.

Cherry blossoms on Main Street.

Daffodils on the edge of the woods.

This azalea at Pink Gardens is almost ten-feet tall.

Two-toned Daffodil and Cedar tree.

Sea of daffodils in front of the town library. Annabelle Hydrangea cropped and ready to leaf out in background.

Chive pot is coming along nicely.

Wild violets in a tiny vintage bottle.

Not a good forsythia year, hopefully this bush will fill out by next year.

Skunk cabbages, Symplocarpus foetidus, line the edges of this spring swamp. Sky reflected nicely in the water. "Peepers" in this swamp have been singing since March, such a Spring sound.

Flower pots and boxes freshly planted in front of a store in town.

My garden-within-a-garden has HostaSiberian Iris, Tiger Lilies, Day Lilies, Spiderwort, Sedum, Lily-of-the-Valley and wild Violets. 

Spring green of the earliest leaves goes beautifully with the multiple blues in the sky.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit blooming next to my front steps. Ten-foot Azalea can be seen in the background.

Top of the aforementioned Azalea. The magenta flowers, bright blue sky and spring green leaves remind me of impressionist colors.

Arrangement of Narcissus in the studio.

One of my family "heirloom" primroses has been moved multiple times wherever I have lived and is a joy to see bloom each spring.


  1. My azalea didn't make it through the winter. But yours is incredible!

  2. that's too bad, ish. It was a long winter, with tons of snowcover. I'm still waiting for a few perennials to show up again, but they might not have made it through the winter.

  3. I just can't believe how "far" into spring you are there! My tulips are now blooming and I was happy about mom's daffodils and grape hyacinth were blooming also, but that is on the other end of the state...Hopefully spring will soon be here for all of us. I had NO idea that an Azalea would/could grow that big...amazing.
    I did bring home my mother's Cmas is HUGE..and old of course (belonged to my great aunt..) We will see if I can get any blooms out of it. I can keep them alive, but they never seem to bloom for me..any words of wisdom??
    Enjoy the spring after your unseasonably long winter and snow!

  4. Hi Mare,
    I've found Xmas cactuses don't need much sun or water to do well. In fact, too much water and sun can make them do poorly. We have three different species of Azaleas in this yard. The "normal" ones are almost gone now. They're shorter in height but thicker with flower. This tall one is always very "polka-dotty" when it blooms. I love the look. The third one is darker red, and is barely in bud right now. It's a shade plant and will be out in 2-3 weeks maybe.
    It have been raining 3-4 days a week though. We need some strong sun!

  5. Confirmed, spring has sprung.

    Thanks for all the wonderful pics Casey.


  6. These pictures just want me to take out a hammock, a warm blanket and relax with these nature treats.

  7. Good morning Casey...I have been thinking about you and seems to me that you have a birthday in May. I know you said you don't celebrate, BUT I personally think that the day of your birth should be a day for a parade and balloons! lol...
    At any rate, I am hoping I am in the right month at least and want to wish you a very peaceful, happy and whenever it may be my friend..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (am I any where close??? like in the right month?? LOL!)

  8. Hi Mare! Wow, I'm very impressed. Yes, my birthday is at the end of the month. Thank you so much for your good wishes!