Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fador's "Smallster" Scale Model Kit from 1949

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M Y  C O L L E C T I O N — Balsa wood, cast metal, wire and paper comprise the materials included in this odd, vintage car model kit. The instructions are typed on a large piece of paper, with diagrams showing exactly how every piece fits, BUT, the majority of the body is plain, thin balsa wood. It's the same thickness and weight as those childhood model airplanes propelled by elastic bands. I have no idea how the person making the kit could form the delicate curves seen on the photograph on the box, lol. There are some small pieces of dowels that must need to be whittled as well. This was NOT a snap-to-fit model! 

Kit is dated September 1949, and was produced by the Fador Mfg Corp, of Elmira, New York. Other "Smallster" models listed inside as available were the 1909 EMF Single Rear Seater,  1909 EMF Touring, 1909 EMF Roadster, and a 1905 4-passenger Reo Runabout.

From the Introduction on the instructions sheet:

The 1909 Hupmobile
In the year 1909 everybody from coast to coast was saying the same thing about the "Hup," "The smartest and best little car marketed in America at anything like the money, $750.00" This little car was four cylinder, twenty horsepower, sliding gears, and had a Bosch magneto. This sturdy little auto had a wheelbase of 86" and weighed 1100 pounds with all standard equipment.

NOTE—I was prompted to post this vintage scale model today because of an article I read this morning at Hemmings.com about the 1909 Hupmobile. Click here for that blogpost.


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  5. Do you have any info about "Fador Mfg Corp, of Elmira, New York"? I mean history.

  6. Do you have any historical information about " Fador Mfg Corp, of Elmira, New York"?