Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Fords, 1920s-30s Style

My grandmother, right, and friend, sitting on her mid teens Model T runabout, ca 1920. Great dresses! This is the car I own bits and pieces of to this day.

Gloria Isabel would grow up at the wheels of hot Fords for the most part, and become known as Hoohoo. Here's the 4-5 year old Baby Gloria barely able to see over the steering wheel of the family's new 1929-30 Model A tudor sedan.


  1. Hoohoo looks like she is looking at "us" looking at her. Love these two old photos & super great cards.

    Thanks, Casey.

  2. HI Hoohoo! I am so happy to see a "new" picture of one of your (and now OUR) favorite blog subjects!
    I ALMOST have a tulip bud up enough to see but since I have to leaving for an extended time (3 wks or so) on Monday I will miss it unless hubby can figure out how to take a cell phone picture lol)
    Thanks for a new post...always such a treat!

  3. I always love to see these pictures of your family and their cars -- they are so evocative! I wish I had pictures of my Grandma and her Overlands and Franklins! You're very fortunate.

    Paul, NYC

  4. Great pictures. Incidentally, the Model A is a 1928/29. The 1930 was pretty extensively restyled.

  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the Model A info. I know that they exposed "A" pillar was covered sometime after they were introduced, I guess that was 1930 then.