Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Photo/potpourri

Cranberry glass vase in afternoon sun.

More cranberry glass glowing with the sun shining through.

Original Elvis 33 rpm LP, and old lace in vintage wicker baby carriage.

New flagstones, ebony mulch and smaller mesh wire fencing in the vegetable garden.

Reflections in the birdbath.

Day lilies, Iris, Sedum, and daffodils slowly come to life.

Attic-bound begonia has bloomed all winter long.

Some blossoms are flamingo-colored, others are more of a pure pink. When put out for the summer, the flowers turn darker and richer.

Black wrought-iron patio table, chairs, and shadows on early spring lawn.

Another view of black wrought-iron patio table, chairs, and shadows on early spring lawn.


    SO SO glad to see your post...LOVE them all (red glass is FABulous) but the reflections in the birdbath are tres' wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing springtime with us..TG said she has her air conditioning on...I had the heat on this aft..and my little tulips and iris' are just working their up still..the grass is "spotty" but there is green and I am hopeful..
    Thanks for the update...will love watching your garden grow!

  2. Hi Mare,
    Yes, I'm happy winter is over. Spring has been chilly but at least it's spring.

  3. Good to see you back Casey! And I can now lump you in with the few other good things about it being almost spring! J/K Pretty glass. Pretty begonia. Can't wait for the tulips and iris and daffodils to come up in your yard.

    Hope all is well and you are getting rich and famous! ;)


  4. Hi Katie. we've had a few nice days, but it's a chilly spring so far. Everything is sort of in suspended animation right now after popping up quickly.

  5. I guess "chilly spring" is my new catchline, I've used it a few times in this post, lol.

  6. I think it's a very good catchline! We've had a chilly spring, too. It's been running 10 degrees below normal for about 6 weeks now, and until last week, we were still having lots of nights in the 30's. Three below freezing just last week! I want spring! :)


  7. Hey, Casey..........welcome back. Nice to see your 'getting spring-ready' photos.

    I celebrated by breaking my car. I put the top down today and some how created a malfunction in my back window. Now I can't get the dang thing to go all the way up. @#%& is all I have to say about that. Guess I will buy a roll of duck-tape. lol


  8. sorry to hear that, Annie! maybe it will reset itself after the car has been turned off for a bit. There should be a way in an emergency to manually do the electric stuff.

  9. Oh, the top is OK, it's the little back side window, I heard a scrunch, I think it might have slipped off the track. But I will give it a look tomorrow... just hope little critters don't crawl in my car for an over-night!!!!

  10. I'm a big fan of glass objects, especially how they are formed with such intense heat and accuracy. The profession must be a least 2,000 years old I would imagine and if preserved properly can stand the test of time.

    If you have anymore interesting glass object, please post!

  11. glass and pottery vases. bowls, dishes and figurines, comprise a large portion of my antiques and vintage pieces. I have a lot of Depression glass, in really nice colors, and stuff from the '30s in general. I'll try to remember to take more photos of glass things.