Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just to my Left, Still Life in a Glass

This series of photographs began with a glance to my left as I was sitting at my desk working. I had thrown some very short nasturtiums from the garden into a short drinking glass—a nice, blue crystal glass, but a drinking glass nonetheless. Small air bubbles were forming in the water, the grain of the antique table it's resting on added to the color and texture, One of the blossoms was submerged and was forming bubbles around it, too. I took the camera and placed it right on the table with the lens at varying distances, sometimes right up to the glass. The camera was resting on the solid surface so it could be a slower exposure. I love the way every part of these images turned out, from the blurred areas to the most sharp. Bubbles became crystal pearls. I could see these enlarged and printed out as is. The impromptu arrangement, from above, is here, and all photos are clickable to enlarge. They look best big, lol!

Nasturtiums, Water-filled Blue Drinking Glass:

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