Friday, September 27, 2013

Instant Snapshots in Time

Cleomi blooms in my family's yard in Mulberry Point, Guilford. Circa 1980. Click to enlarge these period shots, as always.

Aging Polaroids Fade to Painting-like Images

I recently found a small decorative covered tin full of old Polaroids and Kodak Instant Camera photos. They've faded, were fairly blurry to start with, but have a great charm to them. They're very particular snapshots in time of small details from my past. 

We had several different colors of Columbine, ranging from a dark red, to lavender to dark bluish-purple, and most of them had a variation with white, too. I transplanted them into every garden on the property, and we had more than twenty flowerbeds!
Another interesting shot of the Columbine. The depth of field in Polaroids can really give some artistic images. I miss using cameras like this on a daily basis.
Coral Bells and a vintage red bucket of hens-and-chickens. Purple Iris can be seen in the background. There were flowers everywhere in our yard, more flowers than grass.

Cut flowers in one of my Guilford apartments around 1985. this photo has aged into a painting just about!
My antique dolls in a Polaroid shot around 1985 in my Strawberry Hill apartment. I still have them, and their chairs, and almost everything else in these photos, lol.
My mom's Spirea bush circa 1980. It had a musky aroma, but the flowers were beautiful, a smoky-rose color that went with so many other brighter colors for balance. I used them in arrangements a lot.

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  1. Your post reminded me I have a packet of Polaroid photos somewhere around here. I will have to look for them.

    Fun time sitting there waiting for the image to appear, we thought it was the bees knees. lol

    Who could have envisioned the real 'instant' of the digitized world of today. Have to admit though there is something about the black & white's that still remain a favorite of mine - sometimes color can be a distraction.

    I just love how you manage to still hang on to everything. My life has been made up of too many moves and too much weeding out.....and yes, some real regrets of about things I have let go of.