Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow. Oy.

Looking out my livingroom window, facing west, in the middle of our most recent snowstorm. Cardinals nest in this cedar. That's the road to town going off in the middle of the photo.

This vigilant hawk hung around outside my livingroom window for close to an hour before flying off in search of victuals.

Looking out eastern-facing kitchen window, over the flat roof of the apartment below. Ancient tree resembles an elephant from certain angles.

Midstorm, looking out at the train tracks. The trains develop comet tails when it snows. The snow clouds swirl maddeningly creating flame- and smoke-like whirls and eddys.

Twilight and it was still snowing. Ceiling and lights reflected in window.

Vintage 1939 license plate frame reading "Guilford" reflected in the glass. Snow was really coming down at this point.
My 36-inch tall bamboo plant reflected in the glass.

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