Saturday, February 1, 2014


Self portrait, 1983. Cut paper, Rapidograph pen on cardboard, covered with Saran Wrap since new.

USS Goodrich, 831, Destroyer. Commissioned at just about the end of WW2, this was one of my Dad's ships. He was in the Navy from 1938-50 and then the Army until 1961. Image faded from hanging in the sun for years.

Lithographed letter from the LBJ White House, 1964-68. For some reason, LBJ sent out letters like this thanking deceased servicemen for their service. My grandfather died at home in 1942, and was a veteran of the first world war. While the signature is printed, not handwritten, the gold eagle at the top is nicely embossed. Faded/discolored from being framed and hung on a wall for decades.
This print of a WW1-era Fokker biplane probably dates back to only the 1960s or '70s. After taking it out of this wooden frame, I've decided it's actually probably cut from a calendar and then framed. Probably a garage-sale item. My parents used to love to go out weekends and find "bargains" around town, lol. I love the colors on this image, probably the reason my dad bought it. He loved colors as much as I do.
One of my mother's keepsakes, this 1938 Ice Follies program has lovely typography and period photography. This would have been my mom's nursing school days in prewar New Haven. She loved to go to the theater, events like these Ice Follies, restaurants, you name it. 


  1. You're reminding me of something. I had a Rapidograph when I was a young hippie and I loved it. It was the perfect drawing pen. But I tried to buy one a decade ago it just wasn't the same. Did they morph their pen and ruin it? Good talking to you this weekend. And thanks!

    1. I haven't worked with one in years, but I really enjoyed it when I was younger. I once did a mural on a wall with a thin permanent black marker, about 10 x 5 feet. The Rapidograph wouldn't work on the plaster!