Monday, October 13, 2014

Perfect Pesto Pasta!

I've been perfecting my pasta making technique lately. I finally got an entire batch to run through my vintage pasta press! Above, my fresh linguini, I didn't dare try anything finer like spaghetti yet. I used a basic Semolina pasta flour and recipe but I halved the olive oil amount and substituted fresh basil pesto instead. They have a nice, flowery, basil aroma and I bet they'll be tasty. I'm drying them now and will cook them in a little bit. Fresh pasta only takes a few minutes to cook, if that. I'm so happy it wasn't a disaster! It's so easy to get the dough too dry or too wet and I've had it clog up the press more times than I want to say!

Most of my tomato plants are done for the year but this 6-foot tall Sun Gold bush is still producing its small and oh-so-sweet yellow cherry tomatoes. They almost melt in your mouth!

Not a food, but this tiny Tea rose, glistening with last night's rain, looks just like a sugar frosting rose to me up close. Growing up I always begged for the flower decorations on our cakes, lol.

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