Monday, July 16, 2012

A Fun "Lobstah" Lunch at the Shore

My friend, Mary, took me out to lunch the other day at the Guilford Marina's Lobster Pound. Guilford, next door to Madison, is the town I grew up in and where Mary still lives. The marina is a great place to hang out on a summer afternoon, and as a child when my family owned boats, I spent a lot of time there. I brought my friend, Mike Urban's newest book, Lobster Shacks, along with me. The book includes entries for New England's classic roadside lobster restaurants, including the Lobster Pound, so I thought it would make a perfect little photoshoot. The lobster rolls were delicious, and as you'll see in the following photos, you can't get much closer to the water without swimming! Thank you, Mary!
  • To read more about Lobster Shacks, click over to Amazon, here. It's a great read even if you aren't going to be traveling around New England this summer.
  • To read more about the Lobster Pound, click here. Boat tours are available, too. 
  • This just in! Publisher's Weekly has favorably reviewed Lobster Shacks, here!
Looking east from our table, this is the view of the Guilford Marina. Just to the right of the little wooden clubhouse in the background is where my family's various boats were moored as I was a child. It looks much the same today despite many updates throughout the years.

Each picnic table at the "Pound" has a flowerbox filled with annuals such as marigolds and begonias. The hefty boat rope is a great touch. That's a classic saltwater marsh in the background.

Looking out into the Long Island Sound. I can't tell you how many times my father piloted our boat out this very channel for a day on the water. You can moor a boat on the right and let your guests off for lunch.

The unassuming entrance to the Lobster Pound. Featuring a minimal menu, several types of chips and non alcoholic drinks are available to go with your freshly cooked seafood.

A vintage ship's wheel awaits seaside guests as they step off their boats.

Shade or sun, it's your choice at the "Pound."

Busy day. The tables filled up as quickly as they emptied. The food arrives quickly and couldn't be any fresher. Local fishermen supply the seaside "shack" with their goods.

Seagulls keep a lookout for any crumbs that may fall their way!

Just a lovely Connecticut shoreline day in the sun, everyone is enjoying the quintessential New England seashore meal.




  2. I never tasted lobster before but those sun chips are a favorite of mine when I eat at Subway :0

    1. Do you like seafood at all, Woody? Lobster is sort of a mix in flavors of shrimp and fish. It's sweet and delicious. It's usually served either dipped it butter or with a cup of melted butter on the side. It can be cold and mixed with mayonnaise like tuna or shrimp salads, but I prefer it warm like this. Hotdog buns are the real way to serve a New England lobster roll, too.

  3. I tasted shrimp and scallops before, does it taste anything like that?

    1. A lobster tail is larger and more tender than shrimp, and less squishy than scallops, but I love all three of them! You should really try it. Take a trip out to the end of Long Island, Orient Point or something. I know there are lobster shacks out there along the water.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the different "worlds" we all live in within the United States :)
    I can't imagine a marsh and have also never tasted "real" fresh seafood (bass, bluegill, crappie, perch YES, although I HAVE tasted seafood)
    Love the seagulls waiting and I'll take the shaded table please...
    Love a visit to "your town"...Isn't it about time for a "visit" from Aunt Hoohoo?? I miss hearing stories of her...
    Hope your summer is going well..we all could use a really good one! Is hot and sweltering here, but we're blessed with central air so as long as it works, we're in good shape! :)

    1. Hi Mare! Always nice to hear from you. I'll have to put my thinking cap on and do another Hoohoo post. Yesterday would have been her husband's birthday (my father's brother), but even 27-28 years after he died I still don't have much good to say about him. Stay cool, too! I have my ceiling fans and a floor fan all working to try to get a breeze going in here, lol.