Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sailors: Swaggers and Smiles

One of my earliest pieces, dating to 2005, is "Dad, St. Peter's, 1946." It's based on a photo of my Dad on shore leave in Rome, just after the war was over. He is the one near the center wearing the white sailor hat, with his swagger down just about perfectly. It seems as if the group of them may have just bought new cameras from the guy standing behind them. When you look at it closely, every sailor is either taking a photo or posing for one. I can just imagine how good it felt to be on land and to have peacetime after such a long war. My Dad was in the Navy from 1938-50 and then transferred to the Army until 1960. This piece is approximately 3 feet wide by 20 inches high and is done on two joined antique chestnut floorboards.
An early example of a consumer color camera, sailors enjoying some sunny decktime with a cute little puppy that looks like a Cocker Spaniel to me.  My dad is the tall one in the back.

A few more sailors have joined the group posing with the puppy. My Dad must have been the photographer for this on. I love the various ways these young men are wearing their caps.

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