Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Man, Was I Close! Comparing ATS Coupes

They're Watching Me, Again, lol! I don't usually post my car art to this blog these days. My car blog is going on 4 years now, but this is a "crossover" story inasmuch as it's about my design sense...

In November of 2012 or so, I created the Cadillac ATS coupe, above in black. Today, Cadillac just introduced their new production ATS coupe, below, in blue. I'd say I nailed it! I correctly predicted Caddy would move away from their highly styled and dramatic CTS coupe's fastback roofline and electronic "slash" door apertures. I used a very similar "notchback" roof that is very sleek but has a defined trunk touchdown. The only thing I couldn't have predicted was the marque's new logo. They've deleted the longstanding "wreathe" circling the Cadillac crest. They've restyled and enlarged that crest, and I'm not really sure I'm sold on this change. I think it looks a bit cheap. But maybe I'll change my mind over time. Good job on the car, Cadillac!


  1. Casey, that's really amazing!!! Just astounding how close to identical they are! You'll have to keep showing them how to do it right! ;)


  2. I really like what Cadillac did with this car -- maybe they are watching you! Didn't they do something in 70 and 71 as far as the logo does -- they deleted somethinga nnd then put it back for 72 -- maybe ti was the V under the crest.

    Paul, NYC

  3. I like your BIG Cadillac renditions. I DETEST the contemporary puddle-jumpers they refer to as a Cadillac! When they were real I traded every 2-3 years depending how I liked the car. Their discount-franchise look would be great - on a Buick or a Chevrolet. Today's Cadillac lacks the poised dignity that used to be the hallmark of the brand! When are you gonna send me the photos to do an article on your prodigious talent on my website: NotoriousLuxury have you forgotten me? www.notoriousluxury.com contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Greg M aka