Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Suddenly Last Season"

Work continues on the new pieces. This is how "Suddenly Last Season" is shaping up. It has had some finer brushwork added and some toning of the background in a geometric pattern. I watched the afternoon shadows cross over on this piece one day and I toned the background in those shapes the next day. 24 inches x 24 inches on heavy plywood paneling, 3/4" thick.

It takes so much time but I have at least 25 new works in various stages from first layers to just-about-done, and about 15 more ready to begin.


  1. What a wonderful combination of colors and design! I wish I could check out the texture in person. Love this series!


    1. this one's funny. It changes charater in different lights. Sometimes it seems almost all beige. Other times it seems almost garish. I like using plywood as a base. It can be rough or smooth and is sturdy and can be cut into any shape. I like finding it being thrown out, lol