Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Old Car Nut Book has Arrived!

Look what just arrived at Pink Gardens! Longtime and very loyal reader, Katie, had this wonderful book sent me the other day. Her friend, the author David Dickinson inscribed it for me and sent it from his home in Seattle. It's an anthology of short stories about old cars and the "old car nuts" that love them, lol. I can't wait to delve into it!

From the back cover:
Millions of Americans are obsessed with old cars of one variety or another and feel that the newer cars have no soul. There are no memories in a car that just rolled off the showroom floor last week or last year. The fondness for old cars is about the memories of days past and fun adventures with friends.

The Old Car Nut Book provides a place for people to tell those old stories that often don't get shared outside of a garage or with a couple of buddies at the back fender of a special ride during a car show.

Within these pages, you will hear directly from the individuals that make this whole experience of living in the world of Old Cars more than just about the steel, glass, and rubber. You'll laugh and you'll cry. You'll step right into the past with each story told.

Here's the link to its entry at Amazon which has a nifty "Look Inside" feature.

David is planning on future volumes of this book and is looking for more stories. Go to and click on "How to Submit" in the menu for details! Let's hear about those old cars we love! 

Thank you so much Katie for thinking of me, and to David for writing the book a lot of us have thought about. And of course, thank you for sending it to me!


  1. Very nice piece, Casey! Happy to send you something I thought you would really like! And thank you for promoting David's book so nicely! Happy reading!


    1. I really like it. I might sit down and write something for a submission, too. I don't have any old cars now, well my current car is 15 now, lol, but my dad always made sure I had a classic or two to drive around in. thanks again.

  2. Very nice Katie, I remember awhile back when you mentioned that book. I am sure you have a good story or two, Casey.