Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gorgeous Old-Stock Daffodils Bloom Again!

The "backstory" of this rare daffodil is here, from my blog two years ago. I'm thrilled this year to have a total of eight of these flowers actually bloom. I have three in my side garden where I transplanted them three years ago, and for the first time in years, there are five blooming in their original location in the woods. Several trees came down in last year's Tropical Storm Irene, so I think that the original location is getting more sun, hence the more blooms. As usual for these strange old-stock flowers, there are ten "air buds" for every one that opens. They send up perfectly normal looking budstems, but they just hang on and on and on, eventually turning brown, never actually blossoming. If you open them up, there is nothing inside the browning buds, which is why i named them "airbuds," lol. The scent of these is special, too. It's delicate but strong, and really seems to be a vintage aroma if that makes any sense. I'm very proud to have found these in the woods and to have successfully transplanted several bulbs. Now if I only knew exactly what they were! 

I picked this blossom and photographed it in decent light in front of one of my pansy pots.
This shot was taken in the woods, in their original location. It was raining, and I love the few raindrops you can see on the stem and petals when you click on the photo.

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