Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mystery in the Garden, Part 3. IT BLOOMS!

For the first time since I transplanted these plants from the woods three years ago, I have a full blossom—exactly one fully opened blossom. I'd say it's what's known as a "Double Daffodil" although the actual variety is unknown. Click to see in all of it's rare beauty!

G A R D E N I N G — I'm beyond thrilled! The Mystery in the Garden has finally bloomed three years after I transplanted them into one of my perennial gardens. I've found four more clumps of these plants growing in the woods around my home, but none of them have any flowers. All of them throw up buds, but every single bud turns into the dried-up, brown, empty buds shown below. I can't imagine how many decades these bulbs have been in the woods, probably at least fifty years since this property was fully cleared off, so this makes my bloom very rare indeed. I hope this means I've saved some of these old-stock Daffodils, as a healthy plant is a blooming plant—although I have to admit they must be a pretty damn strong stock to last as long as they have in the "wild!"

This is what every other plant of this type looks like right now, whether it's in my garden or in the woods where the originals still live. The plants send up quite a few buds per plant, but they never develop past that stage. They then dry out and turn brown, as these are all doing.


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