Friday, May 28, 2010


Much prettier than the name "Spiderworts" might imply, this is a perennial also known as Tradescantia. Looking much like a day lily as it grows, the flowers sprout from the joining of two leaves instead of on stalks. Each blossom only lasts a day. I've also just been given an annual variety called Purple Hearts which has a very dark purple foliage. I'll post pics when they grow and blossom. 

For more on Tradescantias on Wikipedia, click here.


  1. I love your work and would like to know how to keep up with you. How would I purchase something?

    Becky Lorentz
    Lake Charles, Louisiana

  2. thank you Becky. i'd say you can keep up with what i'm working on my reading my blog. I'm not on Facebook or anything. As far as sales, I'm not really organized to sell anything. I've sold several pieces in person, and at my last art show, but I've never thought about how I would sell online. Thanks for asking though!