Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cherokee 2 door Offers Easier Access, Luxury

Two door SUVs/Crossovers provide larger doors. Combined with the traditional step-in height these longer doors offer unparalleled access to the front seats. Full sized two door utility vehicles have been missing from their respective lineups for generations now. Click to see a full 1000 pixels wide.

C H O P — This chop based on the as-yet-unreleased 2011 Grand Cherokee, shows a 2 door version I've simply named the Cherokee. I've included a restyled carbon fiber rear hatch, partly to offset the added weight of the opulent leather interior with full state-of-the-art connectivity. While supremely capable off-road, as all Trail-rated Jeeps, this new model would offer the most luxurious and electronic interior ever offered on a Jeep product.

This chop is for my friend Barry in Michigan. He's a big man, loves his big collection of cars, and has often complained about the smaller doors of most four door SUVs. I've added some of his 'toys' in the background, a '67 Lincoln Continental limousine, and his GM motorhome/trailer combo. While Jeeps aren't his style, I think he'd love the interior I have in mind for it. This could suffice for a summer home's garage! 

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