Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Tunnel Bar, NYC East Village, 1991, 4 am

Favorite haunt, late '80s early '90s. Four in the morning, Lou Reed blaring from the Town Car's stereo cassette player and open-to-the sidewalk doors, Korean Deli's surreal exterior vegetable displays. Sketching and schmoozing, speeding and slacking, and spanking each day into life after a rough fucking night's labor. Click on image to see the scrawling and sprawling scribbles and roughed-in crayon and pastel lighting in greater detail.

B T W :
Vintage Polaroids of Lincoln Town Car mentioned above, at the dealership the day I bought it. 'Twas a great car that didn't lead the pampered life it probably was expecting... : )

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  1. Am perusing your older posts and came across two loves in one post..NYC (never been and dying to know more about) and Lincolns (had a 1988 Lincoln Town Car signature series...loved it)
    Off to read more entries..