Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Bud of a peach-colored hybrid Iris. This stem is a bit more than 4 ft tall! The spiky plants behind the Iris are giant Tiger lilies! Those two are more than double the size of the other Tiger lilies in the garden. I wonder if they'll have more flowers than standard Tigers?
The small greenish-white buds of the Feverfew. In this photo, I have this herb nestled in between day lilies and rose campion. I have it in several other places in my gardens too. I love the long-lasting daisy-like flowers, and the smell of the leaves and stems when you pick them.
The yellow and gold bud of a bearded Iris, just about to unfurl. I love the specked bottom portion of this variety's buds. This variety also tends to have multiple flowers per stem; I've had as many as eight flowers per stem. 

G A R D E N I N G — I've mentioned before that perennial gardeners spend a lot of time waiting for flowers to appear. Anticipating the size, shape, color and variety of blooms is as fascinating to me as the actual blossoms are, lol. I walk around my gardens every day, often several times a day, and watch the buds appear and develop before they blossom. Shown here are two large Iris buds and the small clusters of greenish buds of Feverfew, which will develop into surprisingly long-lasting white daisy-like flowers. Click on all photos to enlarge.

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