Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fewer Doors, Part 2 Today. Regal GS coupe

The new German-built Buick Regal GS could be made into an attractive coupe with very few new pieces. I'd love to see a more aggressive coupe with its own styling and tighter platform, and might try my hand at one, but this one utilizes as many of the original pieces as possible for economy of production. Click to see larger.

C H O P — At first I didn't care for the 'swoosh' on the front door of the new Opel/Buick sport sedans, seemingly random as it was, but it has really grown on me the more I look at it. It evokes the fender graphic of the classic period, without being retro in any way. With front overhang length seemingly stuck at huge meeting all of today's pedestrian safety regulations and bumper standards, that indented panel creates the illusion of a longer wheelbase. It visually pushes the front wheels forward by moving one's eye backwards into the door, much as the flowing fenders of the 1930s did. It's a deft touch, worthy of Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell—which current GM VP of design Ed Welburn proves fully capable of producing with each new car introduced under his aegis. Who knows what we have in store for us with Ed Welburn's leadership and design staff? The best just might be still to come. Welburn's the real fucking deal, excuse my French, lol!

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