Monday, May 17, 2010

Seen Around the House

The Alps and a Cactus
Six Pearl Buttons
Lindsey Lohan, the Dionne Quintuplets, and my pink flamingos

D I G I T A L   P H O T O G R A P H Y — Just a few scenes from around the house this afternoon. The top image shows an oil painting of the German Alps. My parents bought about a dozen of them in various sizes during the fifties while they lived in Stuttgart. The plant in front of it is now my oldest Christmas cactus, approaching it's 92nd birthday. The middle photo shows a part of one of my first pieces, Six Pearl Buttons, and some vintage posters and a Japanese farming hat. The bottom image shows a variety of my collectibles, including a three-dimensional paper "Herbie the Love Bug" with Lindsey Lohan driving it, lol, a Dionne Quintuplet pocketbook and ID card, and two original pink flamingos from the sixties. Click all images to see larger.

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