Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Or was I botted? Earlier tonight, apparently, my mac and my Yahoo Contact List was grabbed, and a mass emailing was sent out using my addy. I think it was a link for Viagra, lol. It was NOT from me! I deleted my contacts, changed my password and contacted Yahoo. Never had this happen to me in just about 20 years of Yahoo email! And now I'm pissed because it just hit me that I deleted all my contacts!!! This is going to be a beeyotch.


  1. Hey Casey,

    Yes, I was going to tell you about that but I think it was more on the Yahoo end of the spectrum. I use Yahoo but find the Gmail is the best I've used so far for it's ease of use and security. Maybe give that a try.

    Your car fanatic buddy,


  2. thanks Woody. I read your comment but can't seem to get it to publish. I keep getting error messages. Glitches all over the place today!

  3. yeah, had to change the password and delete my contacts.... it's always something!