Saturday, May 1, 2010

"You may go into the field or down the lane, but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden."

Recycled vintage cedar door is the gateway to the new vegetable garden.

G A R D E N I N G — The title of this entry is a quote by Beatrix Potter from her The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Peter's mother was warning Peter to stay away from Mr McGregor's garden. There are no such reasonable mother figures for the rabbits in the yard, so the new veggie garden has been fenced in. A recycled seven foot antique cedar door has been cut down to about five feet, with a great arched peak in the center of it. A Hummingbird silhouette is cut out in the center, and an additional cedar post is lodged along the bottom of the door to cover the gap so that even the smallest critters will be kept out. I'll probably do some decorative painting on it before I seal it with polyurethane, but I'm already totally enamored with the look of it. I think the entire garden has come out really well, with it's cedar posts and dark green coated wire fencing. I can't wait to see all the vegetable plants and cutting flowers flourishing in the rich, old farmyard soil. It will probably be the first time vegetables have been grown on the property in several generations.

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