Monday, May 10, 2010

Newest Mystery in the Garden

Just as the daffodil 'mystery' has resolved itself, this newest mystery appears . . . In the newly-cleared backyard, these strange plants have appeared in the last 2 weeks. They sprouted up quite quickly, the tallest about 18 inches tall. I don't recognize them, and a cursory glance through a couple of my plant references hasn't given me an answer yet. I've thrown some old wood and bricks around them so the landscapers won't disturb them when work continues on the new lawn. Once they flower and have gone through a complete cycle, I'll move then into an established flower garden. Click to see larger and to, hopefully, help with my identification! : )

U P D A T E :  I have it on good authority from Mary, my genius-in-the-garden guru and floral designer to the stars, that this latest mystery plant is an old-fashioned perennial, a Solomon's Seal. It should leaf out and have hanging white flowers along it's length before too long, like a giant lily-of-the-valley. I can't wait! It has probably been blooming unseen for the last fifty years under the thicket and wild roses that formerly comprised the area. Clearing the back yard this spring, all the way down to the brook, has been a fascinating experience all the way around!

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