Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seen in Town

Seeing a Jaguar E-Type is a rare event these days, especially an early version in perfect condition. This gorgeous specimen was seen in my town yesterday; it stopped me in my tracks—well on my wheels—I was riding my bike as usual. Glass-covered headlights signaled this convertible as a pre-1968 model—I'm going to guess that it's a '66 or '67. The anthracite exterior coordinated perfectly with the dark russet/henna interior, a lovely not-quite-red leather. Parked behind our excellent private bookstore, R.J. Julia, this E-Type—also known as the XK-E—was sporting-out-of-state license tags. Coincidentally, Kathy Lee Gifford was about to give a talk at the bookstore. Maybe this was her car, lol? Click each photo to see this rarity in much greater detail.


  1. Hey Casey,

    That is one hell of a nice car! The E-Type personifies what Jaguar really was: sporty and elegant.
    I'm a bit concerned with what they are penning these days.

    The XF looks nice but it is missing "something" up front whereas the new XJ only looks good in black and everything else seems out of touch.
    Jaguar should be modern, but not too I pod like perhaps somewhere in between-post modern.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. i agree on all counts! i like the XF front end though, it's aggressive without being too aero, or too angular asian. i THINK the black pillars on the new XJ are lame right now, but I think they will become a styling statement, and coveted in the future! i think they're a step beyond avant garde, so it will take a while... or they're just weird!

    thanks for the comment, Woody.