Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Grandfather's Galaxie—and Starliner Coupe

These two chops were done in 2006-07, base photo was the current Crown Victoria sedan. The pale gold sedan is a revived Galaxie, the full-sized rear wheel drive replacement for the CV. Shown in silver gray, the new Starliner pillarless coupe bodystyle, a first for Ford in several generations, takes its cues from the now-classic '60 and '61 bubbletop coupes. Details include the 3 starburst trim pieces on the thin C pillars. The split taillamps of the Starliner Coupe are especially evocative of the '60 Fords, while the Galaxie Sedan's full-round rear lights are more in line with what Ford fielded for 1961.
       These chops are fairly crude, now that I look back at them, lol. Well, I always say that each fake car is a very real practice session for Photoshop, much like practicing the piano keeps your fingers, and mind, nimble in its own way. Click to see their relative crudeness in more detail!

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