Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Night Around the Radio

World War I-era Thorola Super-Heterodyne Radio, mfr'd 1916. The circular speaker is sitting on top of the closed radio; replacement vacuum tubes in their original striped boxes sit atop the open radio. Schematic inside details how to hook up to batteries and electricity for power and reception. Can you imagine the news that has been broadcast by this early twentieth century walnut-cased radio? WW1 news of the frontlines, the Roaring 20s Charlestons, Black Friday, Lindy's flight, the classic radio shows of the '30s, maybe even FDR's Fireside Chats...  Retired in silence... Click to see this almost 100-year old antique in greater detail.

U P D A T E — I found this link while searching for the first US President to use the radio for communication. Warren Harding had the first radio installed in the White House in 1923. My ancestors had a radio in their home seven years before the White House did!

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  1. I had passed by Teddy Roosevelt's old residence the other day and I would imagine his voice was one of the first leaders broadcasted over the air.

    He would have probably flipped out if he saw what the most inexpensive I pod could do as far as sound.

    And I'm not going to even bring up XM Radio...