Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Hit for Kia's Schreyer

My Kia Rio 3-door, created from the just-released images of their new 5-door version. Click on image to enlarge.

C H O P — published photos this morning of the new Kia Rio 5-door hatchback. The photos were released by Kia ahead of the new car's debut at the Geneva show. It looks to be another hit for Kia's designer, Peter Schreyer. His designs have continuity and freshness, a balancing act he accomplishes with ease and elan. Autoblog's post mentioned a possible 3-door coming in 2012, so I chopped this version quickly this morning. I lowered the car a bit on its suspension, changed the taillight lenses a bit, added wheels from the Sportage, and darkened the rocker panels. I also lengthened the rear side window a bit, making the C pillar a little thinner. My version is a pretty basic 3-door, keeping all of the rear seat room of the 5-door. Perhaps Schreyer has a sportier coupe in mind, and if he does, I'll predict it's going to be hot.


  1. I like this. Kia is really on a roll but this moves it to a higher level. I see on LLN that there will be a three-door version but it likely will not be as hot as yours.

    Paul, NYC

  2. Why don't they just use your designs instead of their own rubbish - the 2012 3 door looks cheap cheap cheap...