Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vim and Vigor. Oh yeah, and Va-Va-Varoom!

Honda's use of a darkened glass panel in the vertical section of their hatches, continues on this Vigor coupe, accented with a line of red reflectors and LED taillights. Click on each photo to enlarge to full screen.

C H O P S — Vigor was one of Honda-owned Acura's better nameplates from the 1990s. It was a sport sedan available with a very evocative, and warbling, five-cylinder inline engine, as well as a V6 later in its life. For this Accord two-seater I've created, I've brought back that nameplate. If this spunky Accord sports coupe doesn't possess Vigor, I don't know what does! This car would give Honda's family line a sportier profile, but would possess a large trunk area for those that would love utility along with their sport. This would be a revived CRX for grown ups that don't require a back seat.

B T W :
Posted on this blog before, but presented again to show Honda's current design language, and how I've used it to create new models for them. They illustrate how the Vigor would fit into the Honda family in 2011.

Honda's hybrid Insight made into a three-door 2+2 hatchback coupe. Gives the high-mileage green car a second body style that the Toyota Prius doesn't have. I created this before the current CRZ came out, but this slightly larger Insight would have small bucket seats in the rear giving it more utility than the smaller, sportier CRZ.

A new Accord sport sedan, or four-door coupe as current marketing types like to call these cars. I've used the Coupe's more flowing roofline and given this four-door more flair than the current Accord family car. Fold-down rear bucket seats would limit this sedan to four-occupants but the hatchback would give it greater versatility. This would be an additional model in the Accord range, and would then give Honda's best selling nameplate a two door coupe, a three door two-seater, a 4-door sedan, and this five-door sport sedan. And of course the Crosstour crossover wagon.

Now what the heck is this fake Mercury Montego Hybrid doing in a Honda post? This never-will-be Mercury sport hatch was actually a Honda Crosstour before I started playing with it in Photoshop! The front door and the rocker panel shape, as well as part of the rear bumper are just about all that remain from the "donor" photo.


  1. The Vigor is hot Hot HOT! I'd buy one in a minute. Wouldn't change a thing. Really like the hybrid also, great job!

  2. It's really a shame that Honda didn't make the CrossTour look like your Montego chop. At last year's auto show, I found it to be very nice inside, particularly in the rear seat, but very unattractive on the outside.

    The Insight two-door looks great -- but now Prius is adding models -- going to be a sub-brand like Scion -- although I ahven't seen anything yet about a two-door.

    Thanks for the reminder about the Acura Vigor -- I'd completely forgotten about that. I remember it wasn't terribly well-received, principally because of the five cylinder engine. I like your take on the Vigor very much -- a two-seater for grownups. It takes the current design of the Accord Coupe (which I admire) and tweaks it for more excitement.

    Good job!

    Paul, NYC

  3. The Montego is really cool looking with a bit of AMC thrown in and of course 1st generation Lexus IS going up towards the side windows/roof line area.

    Visability should also be better than the Prius without the dual window/pane effect.

    Also, the color is pleasing to the eye and yet it stands out.

  4. Yummy colors especially that last one.

    I was beginning to worry that you had no power Casey... so all is OK with everyone it looks like.