Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Before My Time

My aunt Hoohoo in the early 1950s, with a teeny-tiny puppy named Lady, a dalmatian mix. I colorized this photo in Photoshop in the very pale hues of hand-tinted vintage photos.

"Lady" all grown up, left in the photo above. This is Hoohoo's husband, Bill, also my father's brother. Two brothers married two sisters. He's kneeling behind the fieldstone koi pond and there is also a black spaniel-mix next to him named Ebony. I see pansies in the foreground. This would make a good photograph to colorize and commit to wood, even though I didn't care for my uncle. To put it mildly.

A tasteful portrait of Hoohoo, perhaps her 30th birthday in 1955. She is standing in just about the same spot her husband Bill was kneeling in above. The koi pond is to the lower right in this photo. There's an old blacksmith's shed in the background which was taken down in the late '50s. This photo was probably taken to send to my parents living in Japan at the time.

Hoohoo dressed as "Macabre Santa." She never failed to be creative and fun!
Another one of her dogs sitting on their Harley Davidson. This dates to around 1950.
Uncle Bill, 1947. This was probably taken during their honeymoon in New Hampshire.