Thursday, September 13, 2012

West Side Glory 2. Spider was Free!

I just finished the new poster for West Side Glory 2, a comedy night in Seattle hosted by my friend, Jeffrey Robert. For those of you in the Emerald City, the show is this Saturday evening, and doors open at 8:00 pm. This time, I photographed some of the clapboard siding on Pink Gardens for the background, and didn't even notice the "Daddy Long-legs" spider on the left until I downloaded the photos, lol. I also superimposed one of my blue morning glories. "Break a leg," to all of the performers!
  • Last month's poster can be seen, here. I used several of my vintage collectibles for this first poster.
  • BTW, for my flower lovers out there, I will be posting LOTS of photos of this year's morning glories soon!


  1. LOVE seeing your covers! NOW...just waiting for your OWN book with your OWN cover :) The Casey Fan Club awaits (with residing President TampaGranny)
    also loved the "pie post" and Aunt HooHoo! as you can tell I was a bit behind, but am catching up!
    The weather in the middle of the U.S. is cooling a bit and leaves are starting to get that "I'm tired" of it all look...wonder what or winter weather will have in store for us? Maybe we will ALL be inside honing our baking skills! :)
    Happy Day all Casey Bloggers~!

    1. Hi Mare! Nice to 'see' you again! I'm so behind, too. I've been taking 50-100 photos everyday and don't have time to get them ready to post! I think we'll be looking at summer flowers all winter, lol. But then again, that's not a bad thing. Hope all is well with you and your family.