Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Rabbit, Rabbit!"

First Day of September is Longtime Reader 
PhantomX's Birthday, too!

Closeup of another one of my sunflowers and the inevitable bee! I'm completely fascinated with the patterns the immature seeds take on in the center of the flowers.

 One of the few containers the chipmunks haven't decimated. These are baby spider plants from my curly spider. Even at this small size, they're three times as large as when I planted them in the spring and they each have baby spider plants starting to emerge from them. Those rusty iron pieces are from the railroad tracks nearby. You can't dig anywhere on Pink Garden's property without coming up with these things. I have about fifty of them lined up on some railroad ties separating the driveway from the shade garden. There is also a sad little zinnia in the middle of the spider plants. I love the dusky rose color of the sedum to the left.
Another photograph from the "jewelry" series. In this one I caught some "fire" from the sun on the smaller brooch in the center. The flat silver pin at the left, almost like a small belt buckle, has cactuses and llamas engraved on it. 

Even in this decimated form, after a late night raccoon snack I suppose, there is something dramatic about this sunflower!


  1. Beautiful, Casey!

    Happy happy birthday Phantom X!


  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Katie!
    And thank you Casey for another nice birthday suprise!

  3. Hey Px Happy Birthday, remember leave the window open. Can't wait for the sun to set. ; )



  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!