Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Day of AugustColour, 2012

My sunflowers have been being attacked nightly by raccoons, breaking off the tall stems. I've picked them and left them around the yard for the birds and bees to find them. Above, a circa 1920s Amethyst and sterling thistle brooch of my grandmother's finds a home on one such sunflower.

A small arrangement of dahlias and a marigold from my garden. So far, all of my tall dahlias are yellow again, sigh, but the mini plants I bought for containers are white and that pretty yellow and red bicolor.
This purple Tradescanthia is going on four years old now. I winter it over in the attic along with my geraniums and begonia "annuals."
Untouched by the raccoons, so far, in the garden, is this fantastic nine-foot sunflower.
The south side of the vegetable garden fence is adorned with yards and yards of morning glory vines. I can't wait for them to start blooming. I have morning glories on three sides of this garden. I had to plant them inside the fence so they wouldn't be eaten by critters.

These are some of my tomato plants this year. I've lost seven or eight, but I still have about 12 going strong. They're mostly golden cherry tomatoes and red plum tomatoes, but I'll take what I can get. My brandywines and other heirlooms didn't make it through the season. I love them, but organic heirloom plants just aren't strong enough to withstand today's onslaught of small creatures and insects.

 A few of my tomato plants have reached six- and seven-feet tall. They're called "indeterminates" which means they keep growing until they die. I keep staking them and they keep growing taller.

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