Sunday, August 12, 2012

About to Shake Hands

Two Morning Glory vines, planted twenty feet apart on different sides of the vegetable garden fence, are about to meet. I had no idea the vines would travel so far when I planted the seeds. I've been training the vines to grow horizontally all summer, instead of vertically because there was so much more room for them to do so. Now that I have three sides of the lower fence almost covered, I'll let them go as far up as they want. There's three feet of deer netting left for them to climb above the coated chicken wire lower fence.

I'm not sure what colors these will be though. I planted seeds for blue, pink and purple glories, but the critters ate so many seedlings so far, that I have no idea which made it to maturity. They should start blossoming in about 2-3 weeks and flower all through the fall.

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