Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not This Winter. Well Not Yet, Anyway

One Nice Snowy Day in January 2005
We may get an "accumulating" snow this weekend, and perhaps another one next week, but so far, we haven't had any more than an occasional dusting of snow since Halloween's surprise storm. I'm fine with that! It makes walking to town so much easier and safer! I thought I would post these 7 year old photos of a "real" winter, and I just hope I'm not inviting trouble, lol. Above, a rickety old shed is kept company by equally rickety old wooden chairs.

Snow forming "cotton balls" on this shrub make a nice counterpoint to the snow on the horizontal limbs behind it.

Interesting textures caught as soon as the snow fell in the woods.

This old shed remembered better days. Bowed, but not completely broken.

Undisturbed by squirrels or hawks. Yet.

 Rough bark catches the snow in a leopard skin-like pattern.

Drooping under the weight of newly fallen, and wet, snow, these evergreen boughs bend but don't break.

Glass windows long gone, snow falls inside as well as outside the shed.

I found cool old bottles, a few ceramic dishes, amazingly intact, and some usable vintage wooden boards in this shed. The structure was taken down just a short time later.

The quiet and solitude of freshly fallen snow. Soon, the "wildlife" and the sun would have these limbs cleaned off.


  1. I enjoyed these pictures very much!

    I guess I have a minority point of view int hat I LOVE snow and wish we would have a lot of it! One of my fondest memories is of thw weekend of Valentine's Day in 1983 -- there was a big snowstorm that started on Friday afternoon -- I'd been out to my Mom's in the morning and the bus trip that usually took about 35 minutes took three hours but the snow was beautiful and continued all night and into Saturday. Saturday night a couple of friends and I went to the Saint where Warren Gluck was spinning for what I think was his first gig there. It was a truly magical night and morning -- when we emerged at about Noon on Sunday, the sun was bright and the sky was blue and we all went home and crashed! Ah, memories!!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Ah, city snow is so much more fun than country snow, my friend, lol! Some of my best NYC memories are of the "storm of the century" in '91 I think, and other weather events. Up here, it's pretty for the first day, and then it's just dangerous and dirty and a pain in the ass, lol. How I would love to experience walking out of a club the next day again! You just can't be in a bad mood at that point. Life is good and you're on to the next adventure.

  3. Beautiful pix of my all time favorite pictures is one from last year that you posted after a storm. I look at it quite frequently...
    Paul, having "rural" snow experience, I can't say I love it!! :) it is a PAIN for sure!
    As Katie said, run quick and knock on some wood! FAST

  4. I also love the look of snow but not the inconvenience especially when walking a dog at night. : (