Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WooBoy, Almost Thirty Five Years Ago!

1968 Cadillac Sedan de Ville—My twentieth birthday present from my parents, early summer 1977. This very dark teal hardtop sedan, with matching dark teal brocade and leather interior, was nine years old with just 50,000 miles when my father found it. It belonged to an older widow in town that didn't drive anymore. It was really one of the most beautiful cars I've ever had the pleasure to drive, and I've owned some really nice cars in my lifetime. It rode like the proverbial flying carpet and it always got me home, no matter what. 

My almost twenty-foot long Caddy was stolen one night in New Haven, and used in an armed robbery!  I was able to  get it out of the police impound by 4 am but my parents were still awake waiting for me to get home . . . Another time it had to be hot-wired one afternoon at the beach in Newport after I broke the ignition key opening a bottle of wine with it. It didn't exactly lead a pampered life, although I also once used it to chauffeur tony guests at a shoreline house tour. I always kept it polished and vacuumed and it always looked like a million bucks. At 7-8 miles-per-gallon, it almost cost a million bucks to back down the driveway, lol, but I couldn't have cared less back then. I also owned a '64 Thunderbird at the same time, a gift from my aunt Hoohoo, for those times I felt "sporty," so gas mileage just wasn't on my radar back then. Believe me though, I've walked and ridden my bicycles enough in the past five years to make up for those "gassy" years!

For a night-clubbing sophomore at Vassar, life seemed good.

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  1. Now that is a car by all means, just looks how long the trunk is. Not even today's modern and large SUV are capable of holding all that space in the back, lol. And my sister complains that her Q7 doesn't have space...