Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking News! Mercury Introduces Two Hybrid Crossovers, Two Hybrid Cars at NY Show

2011 Mercury Villager, the division's new small hybrid crossover.

2011 Mercury Mountaineer, the division's new large hybrid crossover. Click on images to see them in greater detail.

C H O P S — I could go on with the ruse that Mercury has introduced two new cutting-edge hybrid crossovers, but we all know I create fake cars, and we all know this is April Fool's Day, so let's all just enjoy my vision of Mercury's Hybrid future and get on with it, lol!

The Villager is based on a photo of the fantastically chic new Kia Sportage, and the large Mountaineer is based on the new Infiniti QX56, both introduced this week at the 2010 New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. The small Comet is based on a new Citroen concept and the Milan is based on the brand new Kia Optima, also introduced at the NY show.

These four renderings are from a series I've started to revitalize Mercury's brand image. Posting on forums dedicated to FoMoCo products, there are several of us that feel Mercury could become Ford's high-tech Hybrid-only division, justifying it's higher costs and more luxurious trappings with high-tech drivetrains.

I've chopped two new crossovers and two new passenger cars, including Mercury's first B segment entry, the Comet.

2011 Mercury Comet Hybrid, the division's first B segment entry

The first brand-new Milan in 5 years, the 2011 Hybrid sedan

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