Sunday, April 4, 2010

Drink in Your Summer, Gather Your Corn, The Dreams of the Night Will Have Vanished by Dawn

The Passage of Time, 16x20 inches on pine. Click twice to see in greater detail.

O N   W O O D — Quoting the Rolling Stones isn't one of my habits, but the lyrics to their Time Waits for No One fit this piece perfectly. This piece uses images of three generations of women—sisters, mothers and grandmothers. A young daughter in one photo is a young mother in another one. A mother staring wistfully into the future in the top image, is the grandmother looking down lovingly into the baby carriage holding her first grandchild. An Autumn leaf, bared to its fragile lacy superstructure by the ravages of a long winter's winds, snows, and frigid temperatures, is now captured for eternity under protective layers of polyurethane, along with paint, paper, gold leaf and glazes.

Time Waits for No One
(Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

Yes, Star crossed in pleasure, the stream flows on by
Yes, as we're sated in leisure, we watch it fly
And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me
Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman's face
Hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste
Time waits for no one, no favors has he
Time waits for no one, and he won't wait for me
Men, they build towers to their passing yes, to their fame everlasting 
Here he comes chopping and reaping, hear him laugh at their cheating
And time waits for no man, and it won't wait for me
Drink in your summer, gather your corn
The dreams of the nighttime will have vanished by dawn
And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me
No, no, no, not for me

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