Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mercedes to Sell C Class Coupe. For Realz!

Although the new E Class coupe is based primarily on the C Class platform, Mercedes seems to feel that there is room in the lineup for a coupe badged as a C Class. This 2 year old chop shows a C coupe with the Sport front end treatment, evocative of the SL Class. Instead of a solid black background for the extra-large star logo, I've painted it body color. The same with the grille slats. If I was chopping this car today, I would probably paint the roof black between the rain channels, to blend in with the glass sunroof. I don't go back and edit chops once I've signed them. Adding A R T A N D C O L O U R  is the last step in my chops.

C H O P / N E W S — According to the latest industry press releases, Daimler Benz will be introducing a coupe to the C Class range, most likely at the Paris show this fall. Seeing as the brand new E Class coupe is substantially based on the C platform, and not the E platform as one would think, I'm very interested in how Mercedes will style and engineer a lower-priced, and smaller, new coupe. The E Class coupe is smaller than the E sedan as a result, so perhaps the new C coupe will be smaller than its sedan mate as well. They also sell the C-based Sportcoupe, which is a hatchback. It sounds like they'll have to be very careful not to poach sales from the existing E coupe.

These two Mercedes chops date back a couple of years when the current C was first introduced. The white one has the Sport front end, borrowing a look that has been historically associated with the SL class. The gray coupe has the traditional radiator surround found on the base and luxury models.

This C Coupe I chopped shows the base and luxury C Class front end, with the more traditional Mercedes radiator surround. With the optional roof-mounted bike rack, this is a true sport utility coupe, lol.

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